How Many Tony Award Nominations Each Production Received For The 2018-2019 Broadway Season

2019 Tony Nominations by Production

Hadestown - 14 Nominations

This classic folk opera takes the audience and the protagonists on a grand journey to the dark underbelly of another world and back again, with it's entrancing music and poetic melodies the show brings the audience imagination to life. This tale is two parts of a classic Greek myths linked together and now set in modern times.

Ain't Too Proud — The Life and Times of the Temptations - 12 Nominations

Another jukebox musical that packs more songs in than story line will appeal to those who know the music, but will turn off others who want to see an actual Broadway show where character development and the story arc still counts for something.

Tootsie - 11 Nominations

The struggling actor Michael Dorsey cannot get an acting job. After his agent repeatedly reprimands him for being difficult to work with he finally admits that no one will hire him due to his unbearable reputation. After months of unemployment Michael is desperate for work and dresses in drag and adopts the persona "Dorothy Michaels" to audition for a popular daytime soap opera.

The Ferryman - 9 Nominations

Set in a turbulent time in Northern Ireland during the 1980's this production features a huge cast set to a beat of murder, espionage and double-crossing. The Ferryman is an excellent pick for those who like excellent dramatic writing, staging, and performance.

To Kill a Mockingbird - 9 Nominations

Based on Harper Lee's novel, the story focuses on a young girl and her lawyer father who is appointed to defend a black man during the Great Depression. The beloved story explores issues of racial injustice, historical prejudice and class.

Beetlejuice - 9 Nominations

Beetlejuice, avoids trying to imitate the movie performances from the 1988 original hit movie of the same name and manages to blaze its own trail with a better plot, well placed songs and some good belly laughs to boot. The humor ranges from the highbrow to the very low road, thus keeping all levels of audience engaged.

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma! - 8 Nominations

A musical revival based on the 1943 play Green Grow the Lilacs. This classic tells the story of life in Oklahoma before statehood in 1907. This revival brings some new songs and whole new format to the show that modernizes it for current audiences, something that older shows often fear to do.

Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus - 7 Nominations

Titus Andronicus is William Shakespeare’s first tragedy, which is set during the fall of the Roman Empire. This play is the conclusion to that piece and it is set like a loud echo after the terrible battles are over and the civil war has been won, although the victors of the war are madmen and it is they who are now running the Roman empire.

The Prom - 7 Nominations

In light of a high school shutting down prom a group of failing Broadway actors decides to protest in this tender-hearted musical. The show is a light-hearted take on a homophobic town with upbeat show tunes and larger than life divas.

Ink - 6 Nominations

Ink is the brilliant true story of billionaire Richard Murdoch's rise to media mogul after acquiring a failing newspaper, The Sun. The play fosters an interesting dialogue about the impact media has on politics and the role of journalists in society.

Network - 5 Nominations

An anchorman of a failing news show becomes famous during a melt down on his final broadcast. The network decides to capitalize on his new-found status. This news satire serves as a cautionary tale as Howard becomes a populist prophet after spewing erroneous information.

Choir Boy - 4 Nominations

At Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys, Pharus is ready to assume his position as the leader of the gospel choir while also grappling with the fact he is gay. Having not publicly come out, Pharus struggles to decide how to lead while remaining true to who he is.

Kiss Me, Kate - 4 Nominations

This classic comedy tells the story of a theatre company putting on a musical version of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Kiss Me, Kate cleverly weaves comedy and levity into an otherwise uncomfortable story of a divorced couple working together.

All My Sons - 3 Nominations

The play features the embattled Keller family, soon after WW2. Larry Keller, now in his late twenties, was presumed dead after fighting in France. His return home adds tension to the Keller family that is already suffering from great discord while the elder Mr Keller is being prosecuted for war profiteering.

Burn This - 3 Nominations

Tragedy strikes when Anna, a dancer loses her best friend and roommate in a tragic boating accident. It is a heartrending story about relationships, identity, and love. It is this terrible event that brings together a dancer and a restaurant owner to create an explosive love story.

The Cher Show - 3 Nominations

In the vein of such successful shows as Jersey Boys, which also has a book written by Rick Elice,The Cher Show is a jukebox musical incorporating Cher’s repertoire while telling the story of her life. Three different actresses portray Cher at different times in her life, dividing her personality into three different eras.

King Kong - 3 Nominations

The international phenomenon of the giant prehistoric, island-dwelling ape dubbed Kong has been adapted to a stage musical. The Broadway show is a new way to experience this heart-wrenching story, while being blown away by the animatronics ingenuity of this production.

Bernhardt/Hamlet - 2 Nominations

Bernhardt/Hamlet tells the story of Sarah Bernhardt as she takes on the role of Hamlet. She must consider this risk and how audiences will respond to her as a male lead. The audience leaves questioning the relationship of women and power, the legacies of theatre's most famous figures and the importance of Shakespeare in modern society.

The Boys in the Band - 2 Nominations

The Boys in the Band is a 1968 play by Mart Crowley, which finally arrived following a wait of over 50 years after its Off-Broadway premiere. This groundbreaking play is about the experience of gay men in the late 1960's illuminating how, since that time, how many things have changed, but some things have remained the same.

Torch Song - 2 Nominations

Now a two hour production formerly a four-hour trilogy of three one-act plays called International Stud, Fugue in a Nursery, and Widows and Children First! Taking place in the late 1970's to early 1980's, the play was contemporary when first written, and now is a delightfully relevant time capsule.

The Waverly Gallery - 2 Nominations

A comedic memory play about a woman in her final fight against Alzheimer’s. The show tackles the complexity of caring for someone living with the disease. The Waverly Gallery show is able to balance the painful situation with the humor her family finds in the darkest times.

What the Constitution Means to Me - 2 Nominations

Heidi Schreck channels her fifteen-year-old self to trace the relationship between the four generations of women in her family, tracking the documents which bound their rights and citizenship. This show tries to drive some humor into a rather staid subject matter, but the constitution only serves as the backdrop of this story

Be More Chill - 1 Nomination

In a quirky mix of contemporary sensibilities with a retro sci-fi backdrop, this show has all the makings to prove that everyone can actually still be themselves. The ear-worm score, uber-smart dialog and comically subversive plot makes this show a big attraction to Millennials.

Hillary and Clinton - 1 Nomination

Hillary and Clinton takes you behind the scenes of the 2008 presidential campaign. It is an insight into the political storm which erupted between Hillary and her Iowa opponent. Although the characters in this play appear to be based on real life people, it is actually set on another "earth" that is far far away from our own.

King Lear - 1 Nomination

The aging King Lear recognizes his own ultimate mortality and he talks to his lawyer to plan ahead to bequeath his estate. He divides his chattels between his three daughters, but refuses his youngest daughter a share due to their poor discourse. His decision leads to chaos and treachery within his kingdom and ultimately madness for himself.