Broadway Rush Ticket Schedule

Broadway Rush Ticket Schedule

Broadway show tickets are sold as part of the Rush Tickets Tonight. The daily schedule below provides the dates and times of the Broadway rush ticket offers. What are Rush Tickets?

Broadway Rush Ticket Notes:

  • In-Person and Digital Rush Tickets are on a first come first-served basis
  • The tickets may be located anywhere in the theatre, but are generally good seating and a great bargain

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About General Rush
For General Rush, we list the specified time that the box office begins selling the tickets. General Rush is first come first served. This means that you may need to arrive to get in line well before the time that the tickets are actually sold, depending upon the popularity of the show. If possible, we recommend dropping by the box office a day or two before you plan to try for General Rush Tickets Tonight and asking the box office attendant what time they would recommend you arrive. A greater chance of success in getting the Broadway RUSH tickets can be garnered by coming when it is quieter on midweek days, in the winter, or in bad weather. If two shows have the same posted time, then groups might want to split up as each person is usually allowed to buy 2 tickets (though sometimes there is a 1 ticket limit) if they get the opportunity to buy RUSH tickets
About Digital Rush
A limited number of tickets are available at a big discount online on the morning of desired performance. Similar to the mobile ticket lottery, you can only sign up by downloading the app onto your mobile device. You may need to have a social media account to get access to these tickets. The show will ask you to “spread the word” by sharing a post about the show on your social media through their app on your mobile device. Once you have shared the post on your social media, the digital rush feature will become available to you on the app on your mobile device. Unfortunately, desktop computer users cannot get access to the digital rush.