New York Show Tickets

Broadway's Great White Way has over 45 theatres and about 40 shows are performing at any one time. Broadway shows are opening and closing all the time and while some shows do not last more than 3 months, many popular Broadway shows can stick around for quite a few years. The cost of putting on a Broadway show is quite high, so Broadway show producers set ticket prices high and will often discount show tickets to generate some momentum for a show if it starts to flag in ticket sales. Conversely, popular Broadway shows will actually discount some of their tickets if their regular ticket prices are becoming too high for the masses to afford, as Broadway intends to bring theatre into everyone’s lives, not just for the well-heeled. Most Broadway shows attempt to bring as many people to the show as they can, without damaging the brand (by giving away free tickets). The vast majority of Broadway shows do not break-even and they may even lose money for the show investors, so the show producers try all kinds of discounts including Ticket Lottery, RUSH Tickets, Student Rush Tickets and discount codes to drive ticket sales. When ticket sales are very low, they will offer discount tickets at the TKTS ticket booths that are dotted around NYC for anything up to 50% off the face value of the ticket.