Getting Group Tickets for Broadway Shows Can Deliver Big Discounts For Groups and Sometimes Free Tickets

Group Tickets for Broadway Shows Provide Groups With Great Ticket Prices

If you're planning to buy Broadway tickets for a group of people, whether it's a bus load of high school students or just 10 members of your own family, be sure to inquire about group ticket discounts. Groups can usually secure special group discounts on Broadway tickets, even when no other discounts are being offered.

The first thing to determine is what show you want to take the group to. Then you need to contact the official ticketer for that show.

Telecharge Group Tickets:

Telecharge handles ticketing for the majority of Broadway shows and offers group discounts for most of their Broadway shows through their group sales division. The group ticket savings can include a significantly lower ticket price, complimentary tickets for the organizer and no ticket service charges on the order.

The monetary discount available to groups vary from $5 - $50 off each ticket, and the minimum number of people required in the group typically varies from 10-20 people, this usually depends upon the popularity of the show. Another unexpected saving with group tickets is that Telecharge does not make a service fee charge for group sales orders, so that saves an extra $8 per ticket, that you would normally have to pay on individual tickets.


TicketMaster Group Tickets:

TicketMaster handles the Disney musicals and a few other Broadway shows, also has a group sales partner, Nederlander Group Sales. Their offers vary from The discounts available to groups vary from $5 - $20 off each ticket, depending on the show and the size of the group, the bigger the group, the bigger the discount.

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Getting Complimentary Tickets Instead of Discounts On Tickets:

Some popular Broadway shows will offer complimentary tickets instead of a discount . They do this so they can still say that they don't do discounts on their show, but clearly its just semantics. In this format the leader of the group gets a free ticket to the show. For most Broadway shows, the discount tickets for group orders go on sale even before the individual tickets do, so groups often get really good seats at a discount price - even for the top Broadway shows that may already be a sold-out show - So if you have a group of people, you are in a great position to get top selling Broadway tickets at a discount price.

Ticket Brokers Buy Group Tickets and Resell As Individual Tickets:

Just like when you see bulk grocery item packaging that states "This product is not packaged for individual sale", the same can be said about group tickets to Broadway shows. Broadway ticket brokers buy group tickets, break them up and resell the tickets individually, often well above the normal retail rate.

The Broadway League (The Broadway trade association) and Broadway producers hate this practice and do whatever they can to curb the practice including a ticket order limits per credit card per day.