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What is the Broadway Discount Guide?

Get access to exclusive discount codes and other special ticket discounts when you purchase the Broadway Discount Guide. The purchase of the guide gives you 30-days access to the latest Broadway Discounts updated weekly!

Frequently Asked Questions

New York Show Tickets Inc. is a theatrical marketing agency based in NYC that provides discounts to Broadway shows in the form of discount codes (and other forms of discounts) that allow the general public access to Broadway shows for less than the normal face value of the show. nytix is thus not a ticket broker and does not buy/sell aftermarket tickets.

There are a variety of different ways to buy discount tickets, but if your show has a discount code available then you can:

  1. Sign up and access our discount ticket guide
  2. Call Ticketmaster or TeleCharge with the secret code you read on the guide
  3. Access or online with the secret code you read on the guide
  4. Pick the seats you want and use the discount code
  5. Order your tickets from them. Pick up at the theatre or have them sent to your address (if there is enough time)

You will be told your exact seat before you purchase your ticket. No bait and switch here. After you sign up for our Broadway Ticket Guide, you login and read the guide. We give you instructions in the guide on how you order your tickets from Ticketmaster or TeleCharge. You decide on the location of your seat when you call them (or access online), they will tell you what seats they have available.

We cannot guarantee that there will be a discounted ticket for any show in particular as tickets do sell out, especially around the holidays. People who wish to purchase the Broadway Ticket Guide should do so with this in mind. We furnish our members with insider discount offers for a very modest fee. If there is a discount available for the show of interest, you'll have access to the code. If there is no discount available, we state that up front. If the show sells out for all tickets for that night, we do our best to provide another night that is not sold out. We do update our database three times daily, so you at least know what we have ahead of time.

You can buy as many tickets as you want! Some Broadway shows set limits at 8 tickets per person, but you can usually go back online (or call back) to get more tickets if you need them. If you need over 20 tickets you can get a group rate, but its not usually cheaper, but it does allow you to get the tickets now and pay for them later. Broadway insiders know its an amateur mistake to buy eight tickets in the same row, its like going dinner with eight people (you never end up talking with the people at the end of the table) It is much better to buy for tickets four at a time, each set behind each other - works so much better than eight in row and gives everyone better views, because you can ask people in your group to move if necessary.