Broadway Discount Guide - Refund Policy

Our online Broadway discount ticket guide is affordably priced, which makes it an easy decision for our customers. The sale is also a one-time charge and does not auto-renew, so there is nothing to cancel.

No-Return, No Refund Policy

Once the guide has been used by the customer, there is a no-return, no refund policy, unless the guide was somehow incorrect, erroneous, or misleading in some way. The guide is like a newspaper - once the buyer has bought it and accessed it, they have effectively used it.

Refund Policy Caveats

As stated, there is no refund due unless there is an error in the content (e.g. if a Broadway show closed unexpectedly or we said we had a discount for a show and did not list it). We know sometimes other errors can happen, so we can view them on a case-by-case basis.

Duplicated Sales

From time to time, someone may accidently put an order through twice - these duplicated sales will be refunded.

Definition of 'Used'

The definition of "used" is when a customer logs in to their account and reads the premium content that is reserved for members only. If we misrepresent the contents of the guide then we will refund the account, but we work very hard to bring accurate and timely discounts to all our members.