Broadway Ticket Lottery Schedule

Broadway Ticket Lottery Schedule

Broadway show tickets are sold as part of the Broadway Ticket Lottery. The daily schedule below provides the dates and times of the Broadway ticket lottery offers.

Broadway Ticket Lottery Notes:

  • Tickets that are won by the online lottery must be paid by credit card only
  • In-person ticket lotteries are cash only
  • Broadway ticket lotteries are not oversold, so if you choose to buy them, they are yours.
  • If you fail to buy the Broadway tickets won by lottery, they will be offered to the next person in line - or sold at the box office
  • The tickets may be located anywhere in the theatre, but are generally good seating and a bargain to boot

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About the In Person Broadway Ticket Lottery
The in-person Broadway lottery is used by less shows every year, but a few shows still offer this service. The times listed on the schedule are the exact times that the in-person ticket lottery drawings are drawn. The box office begins taking names for the lottery 30 minutes prior to the drawing time listed on the schedule, but technically you don't need to arrive more than a few minutes before the drawing takes place - just enough time to fill out a piece of paper with your name and the number of tickets you need (you are allowed 1 or 2). A greater chance of success in the ticket lotteries can be garnered by coming when fewer people are there to enter it - lotteries tend to be a bit quieter on midweek days, in the winter, or in bad weather. If two Broadway shows have the same posted lottery drawing time, then groups should split up as each person is usually allowed to buy 2 tickets if they win the lottery tickets.
About the Online Broadway Ticket Lottery
The online Broadway lottery is the new-kid-on-the-block that has been adopted by most shows due to its low-cost of operation and the amount of lottery entrants that each show gets - valuable data for them to pitch other offers to in future. The times on the above schedule are the exact times that the online ticket lottery drawings start. Winners will be notified via email shortly after lottery ends. Winners will have a 60 minute window to claim and pay for their tickets online with a credit card. A person can request a maximum of one or two tickets.
About the Mobile Broadway Ticket Lottery
The mobile Broadway show ticket lottery has been adopted to try to get more millennials to go to Broadway shows. The service can only be used by mobile phone users that must install a lottery app on their phone to get access. Broadway shows then take the users phone data and will pitch them more Broadway show offers. The mobile lottery solution is also very convenient for tourists who are visiting the city, but seems to make the process too easy, which can reduce revenue for the show at the box office.

Winning the lottery doesn't mean free Broadway tickets, but you do get to buy them at heavily discounted rate, usually around $25. On a few occasions, Broadway shows have held their ticket lotteries at local stores (such as McDonald's and the M&Ms Store), but in general, the Broadway lotteries are usually held at the show's box office, at the theatre, online at the official website and on mobile phones.