Discount Broadway Tickets For Othello: Future Show

Othello Summary

  • Show Status: Future
  • Genre: Play
  • Othello is Three and a half hours long, including an intermission of (two intermissions) of 15 minutes each
  • 5 Shows per week
  • Previews Begin: March 11, 2025
  • Show Opens : April 4, 2025
  • Show Closes: June 11, 2025

A timeless tale of jealousy, manipulation, and tragic downfall unfolds once again on Broadway, but this time with powerhouses Denzel Washington and Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead roles

What's Othello Like?

A timeless tale of jealousy, manipulation, and tragic downfall.

In the bustling streets of Venice, Italy, an argument unfolds between Roderigo, a wealthy man, and Iago. Roderigo has been paying Iago to help him win Desdemona’s hand in marriage, but Desdemona has secretly married Othello, a General in the army.

Iago, resentful of Othello, manipulates events to convince him that Desdemona is unfaithful. Consumed by jealousy, Othello spirals into tragedy. He ultimately murders Desdemona and then takes his own life. The play delves into themes of love, betrayal, and the destructive power of jealousy

Is Othello Good for Kids?

Othello, one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, is a powerful play that explores themes relevant even in modern times. The play deals with jealousy, betrayal, and manipulation. While these themes are intense, they can spark valuable discussions with older children. There are murders and suicide in the play, which might be distressing for younger audiences.

Shakespearean language can be challenging for kids and the intricate plot may require patience and understanding.

Othello on Broadway Background

First Time On Broadway Since 1982

This production marks the first time Othello has graced the Broadway stage since 1982, which was a short run of just one month.

In the 20th century, nearly 20 productions of Othello have been presented on Broadway, but the Shakespearean tragedy has been absent from Broadway for over 40 years as audiences crave more modern material.

The 1982 Broadway production starred James Earl Jones as Othello and Christopher Plummer as Iago.

Big Hollywood Stars Will Be The Draw

Denzel Washington and Jake Gyllenhaal star in 2025 Broadway production of Othello setting up what is expected to be the hottest ticket of the 2024-2025 Broadway theatre season.

Show To Perform Only 5 Night Per Week

Due to the length of the show being so long at over 3.5 hours, the show will only perform five nights per week. The show is a limited run of 16 weeks.

Ticket Prices Expected To Set Record High

This show is expected to achieve record ticket prices as tickets will become scarce due to the limited run, there are limited shows per week and the star power of the two lead actors will drive fans to want to see it.

Theatre Information

Lyceum Theatre

149 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10019
Seats: 943
Entrance: 45th Street between 6th and 7th avenue
Theatre Information

Lyceum Theatre Seating Chart

Cast Members

Denzel Washington
Jaje Gyllenhall


Brian Anthony Moreland

Production Credits

Kenny Leon

Creative Team

William Shakespeare