The TKTS Ticket Booths Sell Same-Day Discount Broadway Tickets

You Can Buy Discount Broadway Tickets in Advance at: Discount Broadway Tickets

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Current TKTS Booth Locations:

There are now two TKTS ticket booths in New York City. This service is run by the TDF (Theatre Development Fund). The TKTS booths are located at

Former (Now Closed) TKTS Booth Locations:

The former TKTS ticket booth NYC locations that are now CLOSED included:

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On The Day Of The Performance Only: Discount Tickets at the TKTS Booth

The booths offer discounted tickets in NYC for Broadway shows. The tickets are often offered at half-price or above. The TKTS ticket stands offer same-day discount tickets to Broadway shows, Off-Broadway, and some other arts events.

Half-Price Tickets

The discounts for some shows are 50% but other show can often be found at just 20%, 30% and 40% off the normal face value of the tickets. Buyers must visit the ticket booths in person as these tickets can not be purchased online or over the phone.

The ticket stands make it very convenient to purchase same-day Broadway tickets at a discounted price, so its a very popular spot for tourists. On the flip side, seasoned Broadway theatre goers already know that you can get the same kind of discounts to Broadway shows, but in in advance, by using discount Broadway ticket codes instead.

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Limited Ticket Inventory at the TKTS Booths

The TKTS ticket booths only offer same-day tickets, so you will be limited to what is ticket inventory is left on the day of the show after everyone else has bought up all the good stuff.

In Advance Broadway Show Tickets: Online, Phone or In Person

You can buy discount Broadway tickets by using discount codes in advance of the show Click Here For Tickets
Our discount Broadway ticket codes offer lower prices and a great deal more inventory than the TKTS half price ticket stand can allow.

These discounts can be used in advance of the show and on the day of the show at the theatre box office. You can actually pick your seat and and have the added advantage of not having to get on a long line in the street at the TKTS booth in all types of weather.

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The TKTS Ticket Booth: THE PRO'S:

  • Tickets are discounted from their face value. The face value for tickets can often be over $150. The tickets discount can be up to 50%
  • You can buy tickets to some great Broadway shows on the day of the performance (even at the very last minute)
  • You never know what show you will find selling tickets at the TKTS booth

The TKTS Ticket Booth: THE CON'S

  • Not all tickets are 50% off. Many ticket discounts are 40%, 30% or even just 20%
  • Top 10 Broadway shows are never sold at the booth, as they have already sold out
  • Tickets are not allowed to be sold at the booth below a certain threshold, even though may be giving tickets away for free at the theatre itself
  • The tickets sold at the TKTS booth are the last of all the unsold tickets. They are often not the best value as they may have poor sight lines or poor audio
  • You must buy these tickets in person - there is no online or phone sales for TKTS tickets
  • You cannot choose where you will sit. At the booth they will offer you a ticket and you have 5 seconds to decide yes or no
  • The wait on lines can be long (2 hours +) and are outside in the weather. The Lincoln Center location is smaller and located inside
  • The TKTS line is pestered by tourist company representatives selling everything from bus tours to adult clubs.
  • The TKTS booth in Times Square is prone to gang violence
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The Long Lines At The TKTS Booth Move Quickly

If you do find yourself at the Times Square TKTS booth and the line is long, don't be too discouraged because it moves quickly and that gives you time to decide which show you want tickets for.

You'll find a board up at the front that lists what shows are available that day. Discount tickets that are available at the booth are generally for Broadway shows on the wane, which are getting much lower audience attendance than in their heyday, but are still great theatre.

Just don't expect the most popular Broadway shows to be available -- because if they can fill the seats at full price, there is no reason why they would sell them for half the value. However, you can find tickets for more popular Broadway shows available at a 20%, 30%, 40% and even 50% discount. Note: TKTS always charges an additional $4.00 per ticket service charge.

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