Discount Broadway Tickets: Offer Prices

Ticket price list for discount Broadway tickets currently available

There are over 14 different types of tickets to Broadway shows. The main types are regular tickets at face value and discount tickets using a code. When ticket inventory is limited, during popular times or for a popular show, then the secondary ticket market and ticket brokers may be an option. Broadway show producers also sell discounted Broadway tickets in other ways that market the show and the cost of these tickets is usually less than $30. For these discount tickets, shows will often do either an online or in-person lottery, standing room only tickets, RUSH tickets, corporate employee discounts and when all else fails, they will sell the tickets at a discount at one of the TKTS booths dotted around NYC. Some shows actually do all of the mechanisms listed, while other shows cherry pick which ones are appropriate for their show, taking into account ticket price, revenue, and existing discounts.