Last Minute Broadway Tickets - Options for getting Broadway Tickets at the last minute including TKTS, SRO, RUSH, Broadway Discount Codes

There Are Some Last-Minute Options For Getting Broadway Tickets

We are not going chastise you for waiting so long to buy your Broadway tickets - obviously you have a good reason to be running late on this matter - probably grandma couldn't make up her mind, or little Timmy's school couldn't figure out the fall schedule? So let's get down to the business of buying a Broadway ticket last-minute or even tickets-for-tonight!

Take Stock Of The Realities - All The Great Seats At Good Prices Are Already Sold!

Obviously all the good value seats at the top shows are already sold, so you need to make a decision on what show you want to see. If it's a top show, you will need to do some work to get a ticket at a decent price - remember the ticket brokers are counting on you buying late and they bought all the ticket inventory early, so right now they are your enemy. If you are two days away from your planned date, you still have time to get tickets. If today is the day, and it's also a Saturday (i.e. the busiest day on Broadway), you are going to need to spend some time on this ticket project and maybe a lot more cash than you anticipated.

What the heck, go ahead and try the Broadway Discount Codes

If you're more than a day -- and, in some cases, even a couple hours -- away from the performance you want to see, there's still a chance you'll be able to use the discount codes listed in our Broadway Ticket Guide to get your last-minute tickets. The main risk is that there won't be any seats (or any good seats) left for that performance, in which case the discount code won't do you any good. But for shows that aren't too popular, you can often still snag seats using a discount code, and save yourself a lot of money in the process. Click Here To Buy

Stand Room Only (SRO) and Anyone RUSH Tickets

Our Broadway Ticket Guide gives you some excellent tips and research on how to get into your Broadway show with Rush Tickets and SRO (Standing Room Only). It's probably too late to use our Broadway show discount codes, which are also listed in the guide, but the SRO and Rush information may well save the day. These tickets can only be purchased at the box office on the day of the performance anyway, so you actually must wait until the last minute to try for these. Our guide explains which Broadway shows offer these types of tickets, and what their policies are (i.e. when to show up at the box office and how much they cost) Click Here To Buy

Buy Regular Priced Broadway Tickets from the Broadway Theatre

Obviously the very top shows are sold out in advance, but most other shows still have regular tickets available - even on the day of the performance. You may find that the seat next to you was sold at a 50% discount later in the day at the TKTS booth, but at least you didn't have to get on line and you knew you had a seat. Ticket brokers make a nice living preying on the fact that you don't realize that regular tickets are still available for purchase at the last minute, so be sure to check that theater box office. Click Here To Buy

Buy Premium Seat Tickets Direct From The Theatre

Premium seat tickets are nearly always available a couple of days in advance for any Broadway show. They are expensive (averaging $200-350 each), but they are the best seats in the Broadway theatre. They are much better tickets than any ticket broker can offer you, because even the broker cannot afford to buy these seats given their high cost. Rest assured that at least your payment for the tickets is going to the Broadway show and not for a ticket broker's beach house.

Buy Cancellation Tickets At The Broadway Theatre

If you have your heart set on a sold-out show, but you can't afford Premium ticket prices, there is always some hope that you might be able to get cancellation tickets at the last minute. There are almost always at least a few cancellation tickets available at the box office shortly before a performance begins. You too can join the hopefuls at the theatre for these Broadway tickets and you may end up with somebody else's cancelled ticket, or even an unsold premium ticket that has been reduced to the regular price at the last minute. Full details about these reduced-price premium tickets are available here

Try Your Luck at the TKTS Booth

The TKTS booth in Duffy Square or at the South Street Seaport offers same-day discount Broadway tickets to the less popular Broadway shows. You will need to get on a line and hope that they have something left that you want when you get to the window. Obviously it's a discount ticket, so at least you will be saving money. Click Here

Buy a Broadway Ticket from a Ticket Scalper on the Street - 30 minutes prior to showtime

On the day of the show, scalpers are dumping ticket brokers' unsold Broadway ticket inventory on the street as fast as they can. Often the ticket scalper will sell the Broadway ticket for face value, and in rare cases he sells it below face value because he's desperate to get at least some money back at the last minute before the ticket becomes worthless. Obviously buyer beware when it comes to purchasing tickets on the street from a stranger, but surprisingly, there are very few stolen/fake Broadway tickets sold in this way - so you should be safe as long as you make sure the ticket has the correct performance date and time printed on it.

Suck It Up and Call a Ticket Broker

Your last port of call should be the ticket broker - unless you have big wads of cash spilling out of your pocket and in that case the ticket broker should be first port of call. The ticket broker needs to make a large profit, and, because Broadway shows have recently been cutting out the ticket broker on the best seats, he is looking to make as much from you as he possibly can. Remember the ticket broker may have bought all the ticket inventory, so he has the ability to manipulate the ticket market price for Broadway show tickets, so expect to pay three to five times the face value for a Broadway ticket when you buy from a broker - even 10 times the ticket face value is not unheard of. Are you looking for a recommendation for a good Broadway ticket broker ? Sorry, in our opinion they are a scourge on society and they do absolutely nothing for the service that they leech upon.