Getting premium tickets and house seats for Broadway shows at a discount

Premium Seats and Premium Tickets

To combat ticket brokers (Who snap up all the best Broadway tickets and then resell them at a large profit without passing back any of the wealth to the Broadway show) Broadway theatres are now reserving most of their best seats in the center orchestra to be sold as "Premium seats at premium prices". The Broadway Tickets for these seats are usually priced between $150- $450 each, well above the normal full price of any orchestra ticket. As a result, legitimate ticket buyers aren't getting the opportunity to buy the top seats to Broadway shows at the regular price, even well in advance.

Reserved House Seats

A lot of other excellent seats known as "House Seats" are being set aside for the exclusive use of people involved with the Broadway production. Sometimes these seats are used if someone's grandparent is in town, but more often that not they go unused - And you can imagine that these Broadway seats are often the very best in the theatre both visually and aurally.

It's Not All Bad News

With so many of the great seats to Broadway shows designated as Premium Tickets or House Seats, it seems that you have to be either wealthy or well-connected to the show just to get good Broadway tickets. So, where does that leave the rest of us? Fortunately, average folks have a shot at buying both these great Premium and House seats at "Normal" regular full ticket price (Which is significantly cheaper than the original premium price tag).

Though it's not an official policy, it is common for Broadway theatres to begin gradually releasing both unsold Premium tickets and unused House Seats for sale at the regular full price about a week prior to a performance and all the way up until the show starts. So if you have nerves of steel and don't mind the risk, waiting until the last minute to buy your Broadway show tickets might actually pay off - although we always recommend that you have a backup strategy for getting alternative tickets.