Face Value Broadway Show Tickets Can Be Purchased From Various Official Ticket Sources. Ticket Purchase Methods Include the Internet, Over the Phone and In-Person Ticket Sales.

Locked somewhere in the middle of discount Broadway ticket offers and the secondary market ticket brokers, is the regular priced Broadway ticket. This is also called a face value ticket. This ticket is probably the most important of all as it sets the standard for ticket pricing for all the surrounding pricing. It is the preferred method of ticket purchase for the "top 5" shows that are often completely sold out.

Best Ways to Buy Broadway Tickets

Obviously, you want to buy your Broadway tickets at a discounted price, by using Broadway discount codes or other special discount options such as rush tickets. - But the popular Broadway shows aren't going to offer any discount tickets if they are already able to sell 100% of their ticket inventory. The next best bet is the regular priced Broadway ticket - but this is something that both you and the ticket broker are searching for, so there may be competition.

Buying Face Value Tickets Through a Broker

If you search Google for Broadway tickets, you'll find lots of ticket brokers wanting to charge you a big mark-up for Broadway tickets. Buyers should not fork over all that cash to those guys until you have looked into buying regular full price tickets directly from the official source/ They are only allowed to sell tickets at the regular price, face value of the ticket.. Below is a list of the official and approved ticket sources that sell Broadway tickets for each show at their regular full price, which is also known as 'face value'.

Note: Each show will either use Telecharge (Shuberts) or Ticketmaster for all online and phone sales. All Broadway shows will only sell face value tickets at their own box office.


Telecharge Face Value Tickets

This is the official ticket outlet for Broadway shows that reside in theaters owned by Jujamcyn Theatres and the Shubert Organization, as well as Lincoln Center Theater, which accounts for about 70% of all the Broadway plays and musicals. Telecharge, which is in fact owned by the Shuberts, also sells tickets for many Off-Broadway shows and other performance events. Telecharge doesn't charge more than full price for Broadway tickets, but it does add on a service charge and a handling fee. They also sell the "Premium" tickets (In response to ticket brokers snapping up all the best tickets) which are a selection of the best seats in the theater sold for a price that is set much higher than regular full price.

Ticketmaster Face Value Tickets

Broadway tickets are just one of many types of tickets that are sold through this well-known ticketing outlet. Ticketmaster is the official ticket outlet for Broadway shows residing in theaters owned by the Nederlander Organization and for all Disney On Broadway shows, which is about 30% of all the shows on Broadway. Ticketmaster charges regular full-price for Broadway tickets, but it adds on a convenience charge, a processing fee, and sometimes delivery fees. Ticketmaster also sells the higher-priced Premium tickets. Ticketmaster has set all-time new highs in the convenience charge for all Radio City shows.


The Theatre Box Office

Every Broadway theater has its own box office that sells full-price and discount tickets to the show playing there during regular business hours. In the old days, waiting in line at the box office was pretty much the only way to get Broadway tickets. Nowadays, you can save the hassle by ordering tickets online or by phone through Ticketmaster or Telecharge (fees apply). However, if you live in New York City, sometimes it's just as easy to drop in at the theater box office, where there are seldom lines, you can discuss your seating choices directly with a knowledgeable box office rep and not paying any additional fees (convenience and handling surcharges) that you would normally get with Ticketmaster and Telecharge.
One surcharge you can't escape, though, is the "theater restoration fee" (sometimes called a "facilities fee"), a small extra charge that even newly-renovated theaters now demand. It's just another way that Broadway ticket buyers are nickel and dimed.

The Broadway Concierge and Ticket Center

Located in the Visitors Center in Times Square (Just across the street from the TDF TKTS half price ticket booth in Times Square.)
If you're in Times Square and want to get full-price Broadway tickets, but you're not sure which show and you don't want to hop around from one Broadway theater box office to another, the Broadway Ticket Center is a good place to go. Operated by Live Broadway (owned by the Broadway League) this official Broadway ticket sales outlet only sells full-price tickets, but they do it for every Broadway show that is currently open - so it's one-stop shopping for nearly 40 Broadway shows - if you don't mind paying full price for tickets. As with the Broadway box offices, there are no dreaded convenience and handling charges here. But the major disadvantage of buying tickets at the Broadway Ticket Center is that, if you do have a Broadway discount code or coupon, you can't use it here. Those discount offers can only be used directly at the theatre box office, or on Ticketmaster or Telecharge (Where fees apply) This location will also pitch you other products such as off-broadway shows, restaurants, attractions and a multitude of other tourist distractions.