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BOOP! The Musical Summary

  • Show Status: Future
  • Genre: Musical
  • BOOP! The Musical is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, including an intermission of 15 minutes
  • 8 Shows per week
  • Previews Begin: April 4, 2025
  • Show Opens : April 29, 2025
  • Show Closes: Open ended

The inimitable Betty Boop works her irresistible charm when her grandfather brings her out of two-dimensional, black-and-white cartoon world that she lives in, into the real world where she faces new challenges and may even find love.

BOOP! The Musical on Broadway Background

The Betty Boop Musical Developed in 2003

The Betty Boop Broadway musical has been in the works since 2003.

When the original musical was first developed in 2003, it was set for a 2005 premiere in the Netherlands but that plan did not pan out due to financial issues.

2007 Version of the Show

The musical was later taken over in 2007 by Sally Robinson and Oscar Williams, who partnered with Susan Birkenhead and David Foster. They developed a new version of the show.

The musical was then set to debut again in the Netherlands, but this time in 2011 - which also failed.

2023 Chicago Production And Then Broadway

Betty Boop was finally slated to premiere in Chicago and then expected to open on Broadway in 2025. The Chicago engagement ran from the 19th of November, 2023 to the 31st of December, 2023 at the CIBC Theatre in Chicago.

Jasmine Amy Rogers, who recently finished a run as the scene-stealing Gretchen Wieners in the national tour of Mean Girls, has been cast in the title role of the pre-Broadway world premiere of BOOP! The Musical.

Boop! The Boop-Oop-a-Doosical

The new show name is BOOP! The Musical, but the show has also been known as Boop! The Boop-Oop-a-Doosical

Comparison to The Barbie Movie

The BOOP! The Musical storyline has many similar traits to the 2023 Barbie hit movie.

Barbie's Massive Revenue

Barbie might have been the biggest movie hit of 2023, but it's also just the third movie in this century to hit a remarkable box office record. Throughout its theatrical run, Greta Gerwig's film based on the iconic Mattel toy earned over $1.4 billion worldwide with $636 million of that coming from the US domestic market,

BOOP! The Musical Get Greenlit

This massive box office revenue of Barbie may have something to do with the Boop! The Musical finally getting greenlit for Broadway, as the show had been languishing since 2003 without really doing anything, until Barbie appeared at movie theaters.

What's BOOP! The Musical Like?

The musical follows its title character on a journey from a two-dimensional, black-and-white cartoon past to our colorful, three-dimensional present-day.

Betty's grandfather creates a machine to take Betty into the real world and after she lands at the New York Comic Con, Betty becomes friends with some teenage fans, and falls in love with a struggling jazz musician.

Happy Heart Theater

Boop reunites her grandfather with the long-lost, true love of his life, while saving the Happy Heart Theater from the developer’s bulldozers.

New York Mayor Hires Betty Boop

Betty decides to gets involved in some New York politics and her new gang of friends hatch a plan to make everything right.

Can Betty Boop straighten everything our and still get the boy? Or is she destined to live out her life back in a two-dimensional, black-and-white cartoon?

Is BOOP! The Musical Good for Kids?

The show is intended for audiences over the the age of 16

Cast Members

Betty Boop
Jasmine Amy Rogers
Stephen DeRosa
Ainsley Melham
Anastacia McCleskey
Faith Prince
Erich Bergen
Angelica Hale

Production Credits

Jerry Mitchell
Jerry Mitchell

Creative Team

David Foster
David Foster
Bob Martin
Susan Birkenhead