A 'No texting While Driving Sign'Need to text your wife and ask if she wants you to pick up the latest Quentin Tarantino DVD on your way home? Thinking of sending a quick message on your cell to see if Susie is free for lunch tomorrow? Well, forget about it--at least if you were planning on texting while you were driving anywhere in New York State. Governor David Paterson signed a “No texting” law into effect last week, making it illegal to text while driving anywhere in the state. Not following the rules carries up to a $150 fine. (Not to mention, of course, the possibility of an accident.) In New York City, where seeing someone text while driving is as common as, well, seeing someone apply lipstick while driving, it’s a much-needed--though most likely hard-to enforce--law. Not texting while driving would seem to be a no-brainer, yet vast numbers of people in the city still do it. The law also covers any kind of hand-held device or laptop--and just to be clear, it stresses that you can’t use any kind of device to read, view or send images or data of any kind while the vehicle is on the move and you’re driving. By the way, that means that you can’t check your email or surf the web either, so get over any ideas about checking the Yankee score or seeing if your Aunt Myrna sent you the address of that new restaurant--at least not while you’re behind the wheel.