Tim and Nina ZagatYou probably didn’t need a survey--or any kind of official report--to tell you this, but New Yorkers are eating out less. The results of the 2010 Zagat New York City Restaurant Survey, recently released, shows what you undoubtedly already knew: Due to the shaky economy, New Yorkers are forgoing pricey restaurant meals for their own kitchens. Covering more than 2,000 restaurants, the survey, released on the website zagat.com, is based on feedback from more than 38,000 diners. Not only are New Yorkers eating out less (3 times per week, as opposed to 3.3 to 3.4 times during the last four years), they’ve changed their entire approach to dining out as well. Appetizers or dessert? No thanks, say 21 percent. Alcohol? Nineteen percent are opting to take a pass. And corporate entertaining? Forget it. That way of life belongs to another era. Any upside to all this? Well, if you do eat out, you can expect better service, an easier time getting a table, and maybe some good deals to boot, as restaurants try to lure you in. And one odd note that seems totally at odds with this report: Despite the economy, last year saw more restaurant openings than closings in the city. Almost 50 more restaurants opened than closed: 157 openings, as opposed to 102 closings. Brave or foolish? Worth the money? Well, it’ll be easier to get a table and find out, that's for sure.