Vintage Subway CarThe New York City Subway System has gone retro. At least, it has if you ride the V line on any of the rest of the Sundays in this month, including today. NYC Transit is running a 1930s' train as a holiday treat for New Yorkers. It comes complete with wicker seats and ceiling fans. But wait--there’s more! A tour company is kicking the event up a notch by offering a “Vintage Tea Party” starting at 2:00 pm each Sunday, departing from the Second Avenue Subway Station. The Unique New York Tour Group is offering the requisite finger sandwiches, cookies and teacups to complete the experience. Although riders to pay the normal fare, the party itself is free. Guest are encouraged to come in period costume and to bring their favorite delicacies to nibble on. The family (Matt Levy, two younger brothers, and their father) that runs the tours offered a similar moving tea party in 2004. (They also offer tours that focus on city culture, neighborhoods and history, including gang culture of the 1850s.) Be forewarned, though: passengers are not allowed to have open containers on the subway, even if it’s a porcelain cup filled with English Breakfast tea, light on the lemon. So far, however, no one has been arrested for eating a jam sandwich. And if wondering what the group will come up with next, mark your calendars for sometime in February--and a game of Freeze Tag on Wall Street.