New York Climate WeekIt’s Climate Week in New York, and no, that doesn’t mean you can change the weather—at least not right off the bat. It does mean that now is the time to have your consciousness raised about global warming (if it hasn't been already), and a whole slew of events are planned to accomplish just that. Climate Week has been timed to coincide with the United Nations General Assembly, which is in the city this week, so if you notice a preponderance of men in suits and guys with earpieces following them, that’s why. (Interesting Numbers Department: 140 heads of state; 31 protest groups.) Most of these week’s events are by invitation only. Events open to the public include a symposium at Columbia University about economics and climate adaptation on Thursday, Sept. 24; and a five-day bike ride from New York to Washington DC that kicks off on Friday. (For a complete listing of events, check out Climate Week comes approximately two months before world leaders are scheduled to meet in Copenhagen to draw up a plan that will halt climate change. In the meantime, you know what to do to go green: Turn off lights; don’t run the water more than necessary; carpool or take public transportation when you can. Because you don’t need to be a world leader to save the planet; you just need to want to make a difference.