BloomingdalesIn a recession, big-ticket items like houses by the beach and Fendi purses may be shelved, but often, it’s the little luxury items, like lipstick, that do well. Maybe that’s part of the thinking behind the major renovation of New York City’s Bloomingdale's’ BWAY, the famous makeup area, a few weeks ago. The department store’s flagship store has added six new cosmetics brands (yes, a big deal if you’re a makeup junkie); and completely transformed the 25,400-square-foot area; the renovation began in 2004.The new brands include Jo Malone; Sisley; and shu uemura. The cosmetics and skin care department has been transformed from one gigantic open space to three separate rooms. The point? Each shop has been raised in height, and black glass trim has been added above each shop up to the ceiling. Each room now has a separate look and feel--one has black and silver leaf; another, white glass; and the third, black glass. Oh, and you can breathe a sigh of relief: The famous black-and-white floors remain. So where did all this extra space come from? Sorry, guys—some of the menswear department was moved to the lower level, thus adding an adding 4,400 square feet of space. This round goes to the ladies. Large aisles also make movement easier. Lest you thought this was all for show: Vanity, they name is not Bloomingdale’s (well, not entirely): The moody diffusion lighting eliminates shadows on the floor and creates a drop in electric consumption. Bloomingdale’s, you're not just pretty, you’re energy efficient!