The Domain Name is up for sale again and will most likely have no takers at the TRAFFIC conference

Just as the fall leaves come and go, the much-sought-after domain name of is up for auction, yet again. It is unclear just how many times this URL has been put up at auction, although records indicate that its at least been a couple of times in the last year-once at the TRAFFIC 2008 Domain Conference & Expo and now once again at TRAFFIC at New York on October 26th 2009.

The website domain name has a lot of promise, but with a reserve price of $800,000, its unclear who would want it at that price. Even at $800K, the domain comes with no brand established, no content, it is back-link anorexic and a has paltry page rank of just PR2. What it does have going for it is a great set of keywords, two keywords in particular - "Broadway" and "Shows" that almost certainly guarantee a top slot in Google when some actual Broadway show content is finally posted. Lets examine who in the Broadway business community would be interested in buying the url and why it doesn't make financial sense to any of them - Analysis that the domain owner probably hasn't done.

Potential Buyers For The Domain ""


The URL is too generic and the investment amount is too high - would be a great as a landing page for producers that have a Broadway show track record, but the financial backers for each show aren't going to support a development that is not specific to their show - this means that the producer themselves would have to stump up the cash - producers don't have that kind of investment cash, and if they do its for show investment where they can get immediate investment recoup.


The URL is too generic for the theatre owners, but could work for Jujamcyn which owns a number of theaters - The investment amount is unrealistic though as they don't actually sell any tickets, which is where the assumed recoup is in this case. This would be a straight power play to establish a theatre owner on the web - But they really don't need the retail customer to know who they are unless they have an ego to stroke.


Great URL, but eats a massive amount of funding - social networking sites are usually about organic growth with a new brand, there is no brand here, just familiar terms which bring good traffic, but poor brand.


Ticketmaster and Telecharge wouldn't look twice at this as their brand recognition is already strong and no new ticket companies can move into this space because of the ticket sales duopoly on Broadway.


Sites like and others would love the traffic from this URL , but only at a 1/20th of the price - They don't have that kind of investment capital. The Broadway show business is not big and fast enough to recoup the investment. If the URL wasn't so "Broadway" focused, it might have wider appeal.


Great traffic from this URL , but would they never have that kind of investment capital. The investment recoup would take 10+ years, in terms of internet growth and changes that may be an eternity.


They wouldn't know what to do with it and would probably mothball it (better to keep it out of someone else's hands than actually develop something useful) They might be able to raise the capital though, would suit someone like Serino Coyne, that is part of a bigger group with deep financial pockets.

The more cynical critics may say that this auction is nothing more than a lazy way of promoting the URL without actually doing anything useful. It may increase the URL awareness, but domain name speculation is so 2001. The current domain owners should be careful because if the eminent domain law ever gets passed they would lose the URL in one second flat - like the proverbial empty house right in the middle of the path of the road construction. For example, if the famous (Which is a secondary market ticket broker) was just beginning today, it wouldn't have invested in an expensive URL and probably would have been called, thus losing its edge, fame and success. won't be sold to a after-market competitor because the initial investment far outstrips the potential recoup in their line of business, unless they can cross sell it to another part of the business, like concert ticket sales for instance. The problem is the URL says Broadway shows, not Miley Cyrus. So what's the true value of - Probably $100k if it gets sold to another domain speculator or $50k if its sold to an actual Broadway company that does something with it.

So who will ultimately buy this white elephant ? Bet is that if it ever gets sold, its going to be another domain name speculator who, you guessed it, ends up trying to auction it at TRAFFIC 2010 Las Vegas as a white elephant with a suntan.