K-Fed To Deliver On Broadway???

US Magazine is reporting today that Britney Spears’ ex, Kevin Federline, is in talks to join the Broadway cast of Legally Blonde. Federline would be playing the role of the hunky UPS man, originated by Andy Karl. Broadway is notorious for its stunt casting, but casting a guy who is best known as the father of a famous pop star’s two children is slightly unusual. Nothing’s definite yet, though. Stay tuned …

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Pawdesh Salawi

Broadway Theatre Writer at New York Show Tickets Inc.
Pawdesh has been writing about Broadway ever since seeing her first show on the great white way in 2001. Now she sees over one hundred Broadway (and off-Broadway) shows a year. She is also a member of the Drama Desk and would love to vote on the Tony's one day. The Office Voted Her Most Likely To: Marry rich and divorce young