Children Of All Ages…Yes, It’s That Time of Year Again

A Circus ElephantNo matter what you see when you actually get there, few taglines have the ability to thrill as much as “The Greatest Show on Earth.”
Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus opens today, which means that spring is here and controlled mayhem reigns at Madison Square Garden. The circus has set up shop through April 4, under the name “Barnum’s Funundrum.” The spectacle features 130 performers from six continents, and celebrates the 200th anniversary of P.T. Barnum’s birth.
Among the wonders: The Flying Caceres, trapeze artists who will attempt (and, we hope, succeed) to master a quadruple somersault on the flying trapeze; the Puyang Troupe from China, who take on a two-level trampoline; and ridiculously flexible body benders–watch as three of them fit into a cube the size of a milk crate! (Or don’t watch and just peep through your fingers.)
What else is on the bill? A married couple where the wife is the heavy lifter; the Sky High Ice Gliders, who take to the high wire; and the Torres family, who zoom around the sides of a steel globe 16 feet in diameter. (Seven motorcycles; 65 miles an hour; you do the math.)
But wait! you say. What about the animals? you ask. And animals there are. Asian elephants, Pygmy and Nubian goats, ponies, tigers and even a rare walrus. Whew.
To buy tickets, go to their website ( or the Madison Square Garden website ( or call 201 507-8900. Madison Square Garden is at 4 Penn Plaza and 34th Street.
Ladies and gentlemen, step right up…

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