What Are The Most Anticipated Broadway Shows That Are Opening On Broadway in 2024?

The Most Anticipated Upcoming Future Broadway Shows That Have Announced Opening Are:

Othello on Broadway

1- Othello - with Denzel Washington and Jake Gyllenhall

McNeal on Broadway

2 - McNeal - with Robert Downey Jr.

Good Night and Good Luck on Broadway

3- Good Night, and Good Luck with George Clooney

Thornton Wilders Our Town

4 - Our Town - Jim Parsons and Katie Holmes

The Roommate on Broadway

5 - The Roommate - with Mia Farrow and Patti Lapone

Maybe Happy Ending on Broadway

6 - Maybe Happy Ending - with Darren Criss and Helen J Shen

Sunset Boulevard on Broadway

7 - Sunset Boulevard - with Nicole Scherzinger

Death Becomes Her On Broadway

8 - Death Becomes Her - starring Megan Hilty, Jennifer Simard, Christopher Sieber and Michelle Williams

Queen Of Versailles on Broadway

9 - The Queen of Versailles - with Kristen Chenoweth and F. Murray Abraham

Once Upon A Mattress On Broadway

10 - Once Upon A Mattress - starring Sutton Foster

Gypsy on Broadway 2024

11 - Gypsy - starring Audra Mc Donald

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