Seatgeek and Jujamcyn Phone Number and Email Address for Customer Service Inquiries and to Buy Tickets for Broadway Shows

Seatgeek Phone Number and Contact Information For Broadway Shows:

Since January 2021, Seatgeek became the official primary ticket seller for the Broadway theatres that are owned by Jujamcyn Theatres. They beat out Telecharge and Ticketmaster for this gig. They now sell Broadway tickets for the following Broadway Theatres and shows therein:

What is confusing is that Seatgeek is also a 3rd party ticket broker marketplace for all other tickets, including many Broadway tickets.

Contact Via Phone

Seatgeek has chosen to no longer do business over the telephone in any way. This means that Broadway patrons now have to jump through hoops when they have a problem that cannot be addressed by the paltry automated services at Seatgeek.

People pay hundreds of dollars for Broadway tickets and they cannot even get someone at Seatgeek on the phone when they have a problem.

Customer Service Web Page That is Limited

Instead of Seatgeek providing a support page, Jujamcyn Theatres is now doing this for themselves. There is a page on the Jujamcyn Web Site which tries to address some of the Broadway ticket problems that patrons get. The page is not very comprehensive and if the problem falls out of the realm, then patrons may be on their own.

Jujamcyn Phone Number

Many people find that it is better to completely cut Seatgeek out of the equation altogether and just go straight to the Jujamcyn Theatre Group at:

Phone: (212) 840-0479

The Old Seatgeek Phone Numbers

The old Seatgeek phone numbers that used to work were:

  • 888-506-4101
  • 877-705-6003
  • 201-493-6725
Medium Blue Line
Thin Blue Line

Contact Seatgeek Via Email

You cannot contact Seatgeek via email at all, but you can email Jujamcyn Theatre Customer Service team here.