More people are eating out at New York City restaurants this summerBusiness for New York City restaurants usually hits a low point during the summer months, slowing to a crawl as residents head to the beach or elsewhere on vacation, or bring picnics to the parks. Yet surprisingly, Crain's New York is reporting that restaurant sales have seen a modest surge this summer and the recession’s effect on restaurants has also eased, ushering in strong growth. Restaurant sales are finally stabilizing and tables are filling up since the recession took hold of the industry last October. For some restaurants, more customers are being fed in June and July compared to the same months last summer. There are a number of possible reasons why New Yorkers are suddenly emerging to enjoy themselves and eat out: people don't want to deprive themselves any longer, especially in summer, or perhaps they are feeling more confident with job security. Outdoor seating is also a draw in the summertime, and with the rainy weather the Northeast has been experiencing this summer, it’s safe to say that New Yorkers will do anything to get out of their apartments and find ways to beat the gloom. NYC Restaurant Week is also making a big difference, which started July 12 and will end August 2, acting as a city-wide promotion of the best restaurants New York has to offer. Not only do Restaurant Week’s large discounts draw customers looking for budget-friendly options, but they want to experience the most ambitious eateries creating buzz in New York City.