Hamilton on Broadway Free Lottery Ticket That Allows People to Win Hamilton on Broadway Tickets For Only $10, Making This The Lowest Priced Ticket on Broadway.

How Much is the Hamilton Ticket Lottery?

With good orchestra tickets still going for up to $3,000 a pop, people all around the world want to see this show and many look for the cheapest way to experience the eleven time Tony Award winning (and constantly sold out) musical hit Hamilton on Broadway.

At those prices, it often keeps Hamilton for only the social elite to enjoy, but Hamilton does have a ticket lottery, which is the least expensive way to obtain these hard-to-come-by Hamilton ticket stubs, and the price if you win is only $10.

Hamilton on Broadway Show Poster
Hamilton on Broadway Show Poster

What is Ham4Ham?

Ham4Ham is Hamilton’s ticket lottery system which allows you to enter into a randomized drawing for Hamilton tickets. If you win, then the tickets only cost $10.00 each, which is peanuts compared to its face value four-figured counterparts.

When and Where Is The Hamilton Ticket Lottery?

Hamilton performs eight shows a week and for every single show performance, there are lottery drawings for 46 tickets for all the seats in the first two rows at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

The ticket lottery opens at 11:00 AM EST for shows that will be performed in two days time. The lottery closes when the drawing takes place the next day at 9:00 AM, which is when they inform the winners

When Can People Enter The Lottery?

For five days a week people can enter the free ticket lottery. The available performances include two shows on Saturday as well as two shows on Thursday, the extra shows being the 2:00 PM matinee.

How To Enter The Ticket Lottery

All entrants need to do to enter the lottery is to provide their name, email address, date of birth, zip code, properly enter in a Google recaptcha key, the number of tickets wanted and agree to the Terms & Conditions on the final screen.

They then need to verify their email address by checking their email and clicking the link provided. People can enter the lottery for free at https://hamiltonmusical.com/lottery/ and must follow the directions online or from the Hamilton app.

The app can be downloaded at Apple’s “App Store” for iPhones or on Google’s “Play Store” for Android devices. The Hamilton app is a bit less intuitive than using the main Hamilton website. The use of the Hamilton app does not give the user any better odds for winning the lottery for show tickets.

Hamilton Lottery Screenshot

Lottery Winner and Loser Notifications

Winners are notified by email if they have won. Losers are also notified that they were unsuccessful. The email for both goes out at around 9 o’clock in the morning, on the day before the show that was entered for.

Paying for the Winning Tickets

The randomly selected winners will be notified by email around 9:00 am the day before the show. This email will include information saying that “You have been selected from the lottery” and that you must pay the $10 with a credit card online before 4:00 PM that day to accept the tickets.

Picking up the Winning Tickets

To receive the tickets, winners must be present at the theatre’s box office 30 minutes before the time of the show listed on their email and they must provide a valid Government photo identification.

Seat Location of Winning Tickets

The winning tickets will be in either the first or second row. The tickets have already been assigned to specific seats, so the winners do not get to choose where they will be sitting. The second row is a slightly better experience than the first row which may cause neck strain. More central orchestra seats are better than the ones on the side, where the views of the stage are definitely partially blocked.

Can One Pair Of Tickets Be Split Up?

In the Richard Rodgers Theatre seating layout, there are 21 seats in the first row and 25 seats in the second. Everyone who enters the lottery will most likely enter to win two tickets, instead of just one. It is probable that a single pair of winning tickets will be split up between the two rows. This is really only a minor inconvenience when it is compared to the face-value cost of these hard-to-get tickets.

Unclaimed Winning Hamilton Tickets

If the entrant fails to pay for the tickets, or fails to pick up the tickets from the box office, the theatre will redistribute the tickets to the people who are waiting in the standing room only ticket line and charge them $40.00, which is the standard SRO ticket price. This means that many unclaimed lottery tickets are given to people in the SRO line just seconds before the show starts, as they can often be seen making a mad dash to their seats before curtain-up.

The Lottery Loser Process: Still Hope For Everybody

Lottery losers will get an email informing them that they did not win. For those people who did not get selected, it is recommended to keep trying until they do get selected, because you have nothing to lose by entering this free lottery regularly.

Hamilton Tickets

Selling The Lottery Tickets After You Have Won

If the entrant wins the lottery tickets, the theatre staff make it very hard to sell these tickets to a third party. The tickets are worth about $500 each and many winners have tried to resell them in the past.

To pick up the tickets, the winner must first have a matching government ID with them and they can only pick up the tickets 30 minutes before the performance. When they pick up the tickets from the will-call at the box office, the theatre staff will not allow them to leave the theatre lobby, because they know they may be going to hand the tickets off to someone else.

Another Hamilton Ticket Scam

Another scam is that some enterprising ticket brokers will enter and win the lottery. They then print up fake drivers licenses with matching names for their customers, and the Richard Rodgers Theatre staff are not very good at spotting these fakes. This cheat garners them $500 profit per ticket, so they will often try to win the lottery and then sell the winning tickets on Stubhub.