Yankee Stadium's Transformation Continues To Make Way For Parks, Including College Football, A Major Boxing Match In June, And Opening Day In April, Providing More Employment Opportunities

Yankee's Stadium will Host More Sporting Events

Yankee Stadium

A swing--but no miss--was in full form yesterday at the site of the old Yankee Stadium, as a portion of the upper deck was destroyed as part of the demolition of the old stadium; it's being razed to make room for parks. The new Yankee Stadium (home of last year’s World Series champions, of course) which opened last year, hosts its opening day game on April 13. (Spring training is already underway. Yay!) But the stadium will play host to more than just baseball teams this year.

Part of the agreement when the new stadium was built was that uses would be found for it year round. The inaugural New Era Pinstripe Bowl (college football; who knew?) is scheduled for December 30 of this year. It will host the third-best Big East team against the sixth-best Big 12 team. ESPN will televise it (Unlikely if it were not being played at the home of the Bronx Bombers…) We don’t make up these things; we just report them.

Yankee Stadium Diversifies Events Calendar

Team officials say that in part because of the college bowl game, employment will now be available year round, and that free tickets to the game will be given out to local residents. A major boxing match is also planned at the stadium for this June, as is the Notre Dame-Army game in November. College and professional games were also played sporadically at the old Yankee Stadium. In the meantime, play ball!