Industrial Shredders And Dumpsters Will Be Available For New Yorkers To Dump All Their Bad Memories At The Good Riddance Event At Time Square

Let's Celebrate "Good Riddance Day"

Good Riddance Day

That tax return you’d rather not look at again? Get rid of it. The receipt for the engagement ring your former boyfriend returned? Chuck it out. Your to-do list from the beginning of last year? Toss it away.

Today at noon, New Yorkers have the chance to bid good riddance to paper memories they’d rather see relegated to the trash. It’s “Good Riddance Day,” on 46th Street and Broadway, in Duffy Square.

Industrial Shredders And Dumpsters

New Yorkers can shed themselves of everything they'd rather never see again with an industrial shredder and a dumpster. Got something other than paper? For harder-to-destroy items, a sledgehammer is available. (Is this safe??) Caution: It’s intended for things like electronic devices that got the better of you. (Goodbye, Palm Pilot...)

If unloading your trash isn’t enough of an incentive, the Times Square Alliance is giving out a $250 prize for the most creative memory. Participants can write down their worst memories on a piece of stationery, which will be provided. (You can also submit online, at

Release Your Bad Memories For Good

Past creative entries included all the unmatched socks in someone’s drawer (winner of the creativity award); as well as good riddance to being single (this person was getting married.) The first 100 participants will receive a special gift (their own paper shredder, perhaps?).

Organizers caution that the event is not meant to be used as a means of dumping all your trash. It’s about bad memories, people, not getting rid of the contents of your trash can. So grab that nasty memo from your boss and go!