Snow may be falling from the sky…but probably not enough to explain the drifts covering parts of New York’s Central Park today. From whence the snow? Why, it’s Winter Jam NYC, a free sports festival from 11 am–4pm today near the Bandshell in Central Park (enter at 72nd Street.) Watch the snowboarders riding the rails at Switch Academy Rail Jam. Head down to the Lake Placid Snow Jam, and strap on cross-country skis or show shoes. Or, what about pretending you’re five and just playing in the snow? ORDA (the Olympic Regional Development Authority, one of the co-sponsors, along with the NYC Parks Department), has been making snow for a week in preparation for the event. So get out there and make snow angels and snow forts and of course, the classic snowball. Or, if you don’t feel like getting covered in snow yourself, watch “Red Bull Project X,” a documentary about Sean White training for the Olympics in Silverton, Colorado. And what’s a snow day without hot chocolate? The Pride of New York Winter Market is the place to go. (Free samples will abound.) In addition, kids can check out the inflatable Slap Shot Booth and perfect their hockey skills; and watch The Skyriders, trampoline acrobats (since when is that a winter activity??) So come on! Perfect clean snow to play in without worrying about shoveling or getting to work through the resulting slush! How often does that happen in New York?