Next Fall Is A New Broadway Play That Delves Into The Relationship Between Adam, An Atheist, And Luke, A Fundamentalist Christian, Examining The Complexities Of Love, Faith, And Commitment

Exploring Faith and Love on Broadway

Next Fall Broadway Show

This new play about faith, love, and commitment examines the five-year relationship between Adam, an atheist, and Luke, a fundamentalist Christian. A mix between a family drama and a romantic comedy, Geoffrey Nauffts' time-shifting play examines the evolution of an unlikely gay couple's relationship. Next Fall deals with some big themes, from euthanasia to the effect that an extreme difference of religion can have on a couple, and it does so in a way that is powerful but not too heady. Although it is not exactly groundbreaking, Next Fall is a smart and funny original play that is ultimately, simply, about the transformative power of love.