New York Musical Theatre FestivalIt's NYMF-o-mania in midtown New York City starting today, as the New York Musical Theatre Festival kicks off its sixth year presenting a fresh slate featuring dozens of brand new musicals. The largest festival of its kind in the country, NYMF has quickly become the place to scope out new musicals. The festival always includes a wide range of productions, from spoofy type shows like Gay Bride of Frankenstein to more serious fare like the African-set Mo Faya. At the same time that the festival manages to give a platform to rising musical theater writers, it also attracts big name talent - as a result, many shows have already started selling out, so we'd advise looking into getting tickets sooner than later. In addition to the two dozen or so productions in the New York Musical Theatre Festival, there are also readings, concerts, and other special events that will appeal to musical theater fans. Find out more at