Times Square Wishing WallAs preparations for the festivities in New York's Times Square get underway for New Year’s Eve, it’s time to start some planning of your own—especially if you plan to join the hordes ringing in the New Year in the heart of New York City. First off, why not put your resolutions to paper (you do have resolutions, right?)--and add to the confetti that will rain down in Times Square at the same time. Write down a resolution, a hope, a wish, whatever you like--on a piece of confetti--and add it to the Wishing Wall at the Times Square Information Center (7th Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets.) All the confetti will be gathered on Thursday to add to the growing pile of midnight-ready pieces of paper. (You can also submit it online at timessquarenyc.org; it will be printed out and added to the pile. Some New Year’s wishes from last year can be viewed on line.) While you’re at it, save on that bottle of champagne by checking out the new “Clink Clink” iphone app. Waterford helped design this virtual celebration, which lets two people toast in the New Year with pictures of Waterford champagne flutes and cocktail glasses on the screens. (No alcohol is allowed in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, so you can get your toast in--and have a clear head when you leave as well.) So get ready--and start counting down to the countdown!