What Are The Most Popular Broadway Show Tickets This Month: May 2024. What Are The Most Anticipated Shows Opening Soon and What Cheap Ticket Deals Are Available

What Are The Most Popular Broadway Show Tickets This Month: May 2024

Lion King

Top 10 Show Tickets This Month: The Weekly Ticket Sales Numbers:

The top 10 shows on Broadway this month are mostly all the tourist favorites, except the newcomer Cabaret At The Kit Kat Club, starring Eddie Redmayne. When the tourist ticket sales factor is removed from the ticket sales data, Cabaret has now effectively become the top Broadway show ticket, with Hamilton in a close second.

  1. The Lion King Average Ticket Price $162.52
  2. Cabaret At The Kit Kat Club Average Ticket Price $235.01
  3. Hamilton Average Ticket Price $162.69
  4. Wicked Average Ticket Price $127.39
  5. The Wiz Average Ticket Price $128.59
  6. MJ The Musical Average Ticket Price $150.82
  7. Merrily We Roll Along Average Ticket Price $196.45
  8. Moulin Rouge! The Musical Average Ticket Price $146.90
  9. Hell's Kitchen Average Ticket Price $127.72
  10. Aladdin Average Ticket Price$97.42

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Cheap Ticket Deals On Broadway Shows This Month: May 2024

Despite it being TONY award season, there are a few cheap ticket deals on Broadway shows that are struggling - they may be floundering - but are still worth a look and are under $100 per ticket. Not all the shows are offering discount code discounts on their tickets - but some are offering tickets at the TKTS stand and are also "papering" the theatre through the normal services like play-by-play and Gold Club.

  1. Back To The Future: The Musical
  2. Illinoise
  3. Patriots
  4. Lempicka
  5. The Heart Of Rock And Roll

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What Broadway Shows have Sold 100% Of Their Tickets This Month?

The following Broadway shows are playing to packed audiences and have sold every single ticket at every performance - this may indicate that their ticket pricing may increase as producers get greedy.

  1. An Enemy Of The People
  2. Hell's Kitchen
  3. The Outsiders
  4. Moulin Rouge! The Musical
  5. Merrily We Roll Along
  6. Hamilton

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Last-Chance-To-See Shows This Month:

Both these shows below did pretty poorly in ticket sales and are now set to close, but are still worth a visit and the tickets are pretty cheap

  1. A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical
  2. Lempicka

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Merrily We Roll Along

The Most Overpriced Show Tickets on Broadway This Month:

There is no doubt about it - Merrily We Roll Along is the most overrated and most overpriced ticket on Broadway - with an average ticket price coming in at nearly $200.00 and a top ticket price of $649.00 - which is a total ripoff. It may be a good show, but its just not worth taking out a second mortgage to pay for a couple of tickets.

Although Cabaret tickets did come in at an average of $235.01 per ticket and they also have a top ticket price of $599.00, but these prices are expected to fall as the season progresses.

The Most Anticipated Upcoming Future Broadway Shows That Have Announced Opening Are:

  1. Othello - with Denzel Washington and Jake Gyllenhall
  2. McNeal - with Robert Downey Jr.
  3. Good Night, and Good Luck with George Clooney
  4. Our Town - Jim Parsons and Katie Holmes
  5. The Roommate - with Mia Farrow and Patti Lapone
  6. Maybe Happy Ending - with Darren Criss and Helen J Shen
  7. Sunset Boulevard - with Nicole Scherzinger
  8. Death Becomes Her - starring Tony Award nominees Megan Hilty, Jennifer Simard and Christopher Sieber, as well as Grammy Award winner Michelle Williams
  9. The Queen of Versailles - with Kristen Chenoweth and F. Murray Abraham
  10. Once Upon A Mattress - starring Sutton Foster

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