The New York Botanical Gardens Are Set Up For The Holidays With A Fairy-Tale New York City Made Entirely Of Natural Materials And 250 Acres Of Decorations

New York Botanical Gardens Are Hidden Holiday Gem

New York Botanical Garden Holiday Show

Yes, it’s far uptown; it can be a pain to get to; and it’s off the beaten track–but trust us, a visit to the New York Botanical Gardens around the holidays is seriously not to be missed.

For starters, there’s the annual Holiday Train Show with Gingerbread Adventures--and you've honestly never seen anything like it. The little model trains zip around a kind of idealized New York City, where everything is crafted entirely out of natural materials.

Idealized New York City In Natural Materials

That Brooklyn Bridge? Sugar pine cones. The torch on the Statue of Liberty? A pomegranate. Bark, leaves, seeds, fungi--it all goes into the incredible replicas of New York landmarks, from the original Yankee Stadium and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, to the Brooks Brothers store flagship.

New this year: A miniature, meticulously detailed version of the original Pennsylvania Station. The details on the replicas are mesmerizing, and everything is lit by holiday lights.

250 Acres Decorated For The Holidays

While you’re there, check out the Gingerbread Adventures in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden. Ooh and aah at the display of handcrafted gingerbread houses—then tour a display of the spices that are used to make them. Nibble on cinnamon and ginger, and keep a field diary of your favorite finds.

The Garden’s 250 acres are done up for the holidays—plus there’s the “Little Engine That Could” puppet show and, coming in January, the “Thomas the Tank Engine” display. For hours and more information, check out their website at, or call (718) 817-8700.