A Puppet From The Musical, Avenue Q, Sparked Controversy In Colorado Springs, Leading Lamar Advertising To Reject Posters Featuring Her Racy Image Due To The City's Conservative Nature

Colorado Springs Alters Musical's Advertising

Avenue Q

Lucy T. Slut, that troublemaker of a puppet in the musical Avenue Q, has been causing problems in Colorado Springs as well. Not wishing to create a fuzz, er, fuss, Lamar Advertising rejected promotional posters showing her likeness (and, more to the point, her cleavage) for the Avenue Q tour that will be visiting the town March 16-17. Instead, the denizens of Colorado Springs will be seeing the face of another less seductive Avenue Q puppet on bus shelter posters advertising the show. A Lamar exec said the reason for the change was that Colorado City is rather conservative, so it made sense to adjust the advertising accordingly. Whether or not locals enjoy the production itself remains to be seen next month.