Author Richard Lewis Is Offering An Adults Workshop, And Six Poets Perform On Broadways Goodbye Blue Monday In Honor Of National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month Comes To An End

Poets House

Today (April 30) marks the end of National Poetry Month--not just in New York, but also across the country. You still have time, however, to catch a few poetry-related events throughout the city in the next few days. For starters, check out “How Does a Bird Imagine? What Does a Tree Know?” on May 1 with famed children’s poet Richard Lewis at Poet’s House (10 River Terrace; 212 431-7920.)

Lewis is the author of such books “All Of You Was Singing,” which is based on an Aztec myth. The performance art and writing workshop is offered in conjunction with an exhibition and offers a springtime parade of hats.

Poets Perform On Broadway

Lewis is also offering a workshop for adults at Poet’s House tomorrow entitled “It’s About Nature: Children’s Learning and the Poetic Experience”; he will focus on creating poetic spaces, For the poetry-loving AND the adventurous, you can still catch “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind: 30 poems in 60 Minutes” at the Kraine Theater at 85 East 4th Street (Call 212-352-30101 for ticket information).

Offered tonight and tomorrow night, the performance is a poetry-themed version of the play, with performances by the New York Neo-Futurists. If you happen to be in Brooklyn tonight, wander over to Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway; 718-453-6343) and catch six poets performing. For more information about poetry events throughout the year, check out the Poets House website at And you can always stop by your local public library in New York--poetry books are always there for the reading.