In A Controversial Move, Xoxo Clothing Has Enlisted Live Mannequins For Their Window Display Aimed At The Gift-Buying Boyfriend And Young Women

Live Mannequins Are Featured In Clothing Store Display Windows

xoxo Window Display

So we’ve previously filled you in on the more traditional holiday department-store windows in New York...and now for something completely different.

As you stroll along Fifth Avenue, admiring the various dancing snowflakes and singing candy canes, you may be brought up short by a display in a window on 38th and Fifth. Yes, those mannequins are live, for starters. And yes, depending on the time of day, they are indeed getting dressed.

Live Display Features Women In Their Underwear

The live display features two young women hanging out in what is supposed to be a trendy girl’s apartment. (Clearly these young women don’t have jobs, or responsibilities. or a kitchen.) They are seen mostly hanging out, doing their nails, reading magazines, and generally lounging around.

At a certain point, however, they decide it’s time to get primping, and they strip down to their underwear and start getting ready for the evening ahead.

A Controversial Ad For Xoxo Clothing

Much of the display is taken up with their dressing, accessorizing, and changing into evening clothes. The whole set-up, which is there until December 6, is an attention-getting ad for xoxo clothing, a line of trendy clothes aimed at young women (and seen on celebs like Jessica Alba.)

Not surprisingly, the windows are aimed at gift-buying boyfriends, and not surprisingly, men make up the lion’s share of the gawkers, especially at getting-dressed time. One irate female pedestrian called the police last week--but word has it that the men in blue merely looked, smiled, and moved on.