Shrek The Musical on Broadway
He may have survived any number of obstacles to win the heart of his true love, Princess Fiona, but New York’s Broadway stage seems to have been unconquerable—the announcement was made by the producers yesterday (Oct. 21) that Shrek would be galloping across his swamp no more—“Shrek the Musical” will end its run on Jan, 3, 1010. The musical, which encapsulates several of the plots about the ogre and his exploits from the “Shrek” movies, will have had 441 performances and 37 previews at the Broadway Theatre when it closes. The musical received eight Tony Award nominations in 2009 (and won one for Best Costume Design in a Musical). Although it had a very strong holiday season last year, "Shrek" never received either the critical or word-of-mouth encouragement it needed to stay afloat. The musical received only lukewarm reviews, at best, when it opened, and with the economy in freefall, parents are being more discerning about what kind of family entertainment they choose and where to put their dollars. Insiders--and those who simply read the newspaper--may have figured out recently that something was up--a near frenzy of special promotions have been advertised or hinted at lately. Is there life for Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and the rest after New York? Maybe Midwesterners will prove to have different tastes: A limited national tour of “Shrek” will run from July 13-Sept. 5, starting at Chicago’s Cadillac Palace Theatre.