USS New YorkUtilizing 7.5 tons of steel from the World Trade Center, the USS New York steamed into New York on Monday, paused at the World Trade Center site, and finally docked in midtown Manhattan. The 684-foot ship (an amphibious assault dock, a kind of warship, for those who wish to be specific) will spend the week in New York before being officially commissioned on Saturday. The steel from the Twin Towers was welded into her bow after the attacks of September 11, 2001. She’s here for a full military commissioning ceremony on November 7 before entering active service with the US Navy. Her homeport will be in Norfolk, VA. For information on public visits, check out, where you can also find other info. and cool facts about the ship. Oh, and if you feel the urge to do something nice for the ship, to give a little something to her--for whatever reason—the ship has its own Tiffany registry. Yes, really. The wish list includes a sterling silver Chippendale tray (listed at $2,868.75); a Queen Anne teapot ($4,250) and, for penny pinchers, a $173.75 Hampton fish knife. What a deal! Don’t worry--she does come with something of a dowry, including about 15 serving pieces passed on from the last USS New York, commissioned in 1911. And if that’s more than you gave your best friend for her wedding, well, you can always just go peek at her in the harbor.