TV Viewership Ratings For The Tony Awards On CBS Over The Last Decade Including 2024 Results

The viewership for the Tony Awards on CBS over the last decade has shown notable fluctuations, but the general trend is down

TV Ratings For The TONY Awards Telecast Over The Last 10 Years

  • 2024 3.51 million viewers, another dismal number that indicates the further decline of the TONY awards show on CBS
  • 2023: 4.31 million viewers, the highest since 2019 and a 2% increase from 2022​
  • 2022: 3.9 million viewers, up 39% from 2021​
  • 2021: 2.6 million viewers, less than half of 2019’s viewership due to it being a hybrid special amid the pandemic​
  • 2020: The awards were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 2019: 5.5 million viewers​
  • 2018: 6.3 million viewers​
  • 2017: 6.0 million viewers​
  • 2016: 8.7 million viewers, likely boosted by the success of "Hamilton"​
  • 2015: 6.35 million viewers​
  • 2014: 7.0 million viewers​
  • 2013: 7.24 million viewers​
TONY Awards TV show Audience
TONY Awards TV Show Audience

These numbers highlight the varying interest in the Tony Awards, often influenced by the nominated shows and general trends in TV viewership. The general trend has been downwards over the years.

CBS Telecast Typically Runs 3 Hours

The telecast length for the Tony Awards on CBS has generally been around three hours over the past decade. For example, the 75th Annual Tony Awards in 2022 was a four-hour event, including an hour of exclusive content on Paramount+ followed by a three-hour live broadcast on CBS​. The 2023 Tony Awards also followed a similar format, airing live from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time​.

The consistent three-hour runtime for the main telecast has been a standard, ensuring that all award categories and special performances are featured within this timeframe​​. This has allowed the show to maintain a detailed and engaging presentation of the best in Broadway theater each year.

Radio City Has Been The Most Common Awards Hosting Venue

The Tony Awards have been broadcast from several locations over the past decade. Here is a summary of the venues for the last ten years:

  1. 2024: Lincoln Center, New York City
  2. 2023: United Palace Theatre, Manhattan
  3. 2022: Radio City Music Hall, New York City
  4. 2021: Winter Garden Theatre, New York City
  5. 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 74th Tony Awards were delayed and eventually presented in a special format without a traditional ceremony.
  6. 2019: Radio City Music Hall, New York City
  7. 2018: Radio City Music Hall, New York City
  8. 2017: Radio City Music Hall, New York City
  9. 2016: Beacon Theatre, New York City
  10. 2015: Radio City Music Hall, New York City
  11. 2014: Radio City Music Hall, New York City

Most of the awards ceremonies during this period were held at Radio City Music Hall, a historic and iconic venue for the event. The 2023 ceremony marked a change with the event being held at the United Palace Theatre for the first time​. The 2024 awards also moved out of the standard venue by choosing the Lincoln Center.

Highest Tony Awards Audiences

The highest viewership for the Tony Awards over the years is as follows:

  1. 1997: This broadcast drew in the highest viewership ever for the Tony Awards, with 9.8 million viewers tuning in.
  2. 1980: This year's telecast attracted approximately 9.1 million viewers, marking a significant peak in the awards' history.
  3. 2016: With the immense popularity of "Hamilton," the viewership surged to 8.7 million viewers.
  4. 2001: This ceremony garnered about 8.3 million viewers, reflecting a strong interest in the Broadway community.
  5. 2017: The broadcast, boosted by several notable productions, drew in around 6.1 million viewers.

These figures reflect the times when the Tony Awards captured significant public interest, often coinciding with particularly popular shows or notable events in the theater world​.