The Shuberts Finally Ditch The 3D Interactive Broadway Seat And Ticket Finder On Telecharge.Com And Replace With Improved 2D Map. Still Flawed, But A Massive Improvement.

Interactive Seat Map Finally Sees Improvement

It took nearly three years, but the Shuberts finally ditched their dreadful three-dimensional interactive seat finder on (that allowed customers to buy tickets using a map of the Broadway theatre seats) and replaced it with a two-dimensional version, which is an improvement, but still suffers from fundamental flaws.

Not only was the previous version of the interactive seat and ticket finder dreadfully slow, poorly designed, and completely antiquated, but it relied on the legacy application, Microsoft Silverlight, to be able to run. iPhone's and anything Mac-based did not work and the Shubert's arrogance left it that way for nearly three years.

Java Option Available But Not Being Utilized

Microsoft is getting out the browser industry with its announcement of the cancellation of Internet Explorer, so this system will soon be legacy and no longer supported by Microsoft. The new version of the interactive seat finder is now just two-dimensional and is clearly a rip-off of Ticketmaster's far superior system that uses Java.

For the tech-savvy, Java is omni-present across the web-sphere - its an operating environment that exists on everything from feature phones to garage door openers, so it means that all kinds of devices can access the portal to buy tickets to Broadway, which is what the Shuberts should be doing, but being the lazy part of a duopoly means that they don't really need to do anything and they fit in that slot perfectly. Of course, no comment from the Shuberts who's only comment to the press is that they do not comment to the press.