The Long-Running Broadway Musical The Phantom Of The Opera Continues To See Immense Popularity Despite Eerie Themes And Dark Activities

"The Phantom Of The Opera" Becomes Increasingly Popular

The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

A disfigured man who lives in secret beneath the famed Paris Opera House becomes obsessed with a beautiful young singer named Christine and "haunts" the owners of the theater until they agree to make her the star of the opera.

This long-running romantic Broadway musical tends to be especially well-loved by female audiences, but in its 20-year Broadway run, Phantom has become immensely popular with viewers of all ages and types.

Eerie Musical Is Well-Loved

The lush Andrew Lloyd Webber score boasts modern classics such as "Music of the Night," "Think of Me," "The Phantom of the Opera," and "All I Ask of You". Despite the Phantom's penchant for seductive ballads, he is in fact a pretty disturbed guy, so be aware that this often eerie musical does feature such unsavory activities as kidnapping and murder.