The Norman Conquests
Show Summary A trio of interlocking comedies about three couples spending a crazy weekend at an English country home, each hilarious play in The Norman Conquests trilogy is set in a different location: the dining room in Table Manners, the living room in Living Together, and outside in the garden in Round and Round the Garden. Broadway Review Alan Ayckbourn, the prolific British playwright who specializes in wacky comedic plays with serious undertones, has crafted an intricate comic puzzle with The Norman Conquests, writing each play so that it essentially takes place at the same time as the others. If you see all three (and you can watch them in any order), the puzzle will be complete. However, each play is also a satisfying theatrical experience on its own, so you don't have to see the entire trilogy. Either way, you're in for at least one great evening of hysterical farce as you watch shaggy playboy Norman trying to seduce the various women at the house.