Telecharge Ticketing Websites Were Down For Over Four Hours On The Busiest Day Of The Year During "Broadway Week" Promotion: Financial Losses For Shows And Havoc For Customers

Telecharge Website Outage Causes Havoc on Broadways Busiest Day

Shubert's Telecharge ticketing websites crashed and stayed down for over four hours between 10 AM and 2PM on January 9, 2024. The downed websites included their primary ticketing sites and

Broadway ticket buyers were furious that the Telecharge website crashed again, even though the Shubert Organization knew there would be a lot of traffic for the latest promotion of "Broadway Week 2024".

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in tickets sales were lost as a result of the outage and the Shuberts credibility has now sunk to new depths.

Telecharge Website Down
Telecharge Website Down

Broadway Week Promotion Crashed Servers

This outage was due in part to the scheduled "Broadway Week" promotion that launched on that day. This promotion is a twice-annual promotion for the industry. The outage is another black-eye for the Shubert Organization in Charles Flateman's bumpy tenure at the organization.

Flateman Appears To Be Distracted From The Organization's Goal

It seems that Charles Flateman (Executive Vice President at the Shubert Organization) cannot seem to get anything right these days and he seems to more interested in schmoozing with his fellow fat-cat executives over at the "NYC and Company", than he is in actually performing his role at Telecharge and keeping it afloat.

Telecharge Website Down For Four Hours
Telecharge Website Down For Over Four Hours As Reported At Down Detector

Not the First Time Telecharge Website Has Crashed

Its not like this is the first time the Telecharge ticket website has crashed and is unlikely to be the last. It appears that Shubert's investment in senior management and IT is sadly lacking and they have failed to learn the lessons of all their past website crashes, of which there have been many over the years.

All Other Primary Ticket Providers Suffered No Outages

All the other primary ticket provider on Broadway were just fine and none reported outages. The other providers that were OK included Ticketmaster, Seatgeek, BroadwayDirect, Criterion Ticketing, ATG and others.

The Shubert Organization
The Shubert Organization

Outage Adds Weight To Ban The Single-Vendor Model

This dramatic outage adds weight to the argument that Telecharge should not be allowed to be the only primary ticket seller for the shows which they have contracted. They clearly have no idea what they are doing with technology.