The Holidays Bring Changes To Most Broadway Shows Schedules With Few Shows Offering Performances On December 31st And January 1st

Most Broadway Shows Have Canceled Performances On December 31

New York City fireworks

As with Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day bring many schedule changes for Broadway shows. Apparently, the shows are expecting that few people will want to ring in the new year inside a theater because nearly every Broadway show has canceled its evening performance on December 31.

However, a few of the more popular musicals such as Jersey Boys and The Lion King have added a matinee performance for that day instead.

Schedule Changes On New Year's Day As Well

On Friday, January 1, New Year's Day itself, the majority of Broadway shows are still doing their usual 8pm performance, but there are still a few that have canceled that performance. So if you have any plans of taking in a Broadway musical or play around New Year's, be sure to check the schedules of the shows you're interested in ahead of time, to make sure that you haven't set your sights on a show that won't actually be playing.