Naked Cowboy runs for NYC mayorAs New York City’s richest resident Mayor Michael Bloomberg attempts to run for his third term, Times Square’s famous busker and tourist fixture Naked Cowboy has offered himself as a write-in candidate against Bloomberg for the office of New York City mayor. Known for singing and strumming his guitar in nothing but a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and tighty-whities in rain, snow or shine, Naked Cowboy, a.k.a. Robert Burck, 38, officially announced his candidacy for mayor of New York City on July 22. Burck held a press conference in Times Square where a large crowd of media gathered. He kept things brief with plenty of wordplay, promising to “do more with less” for New York City residents. Burck’s platform includes cutting wasteful spending, building the city’s economy and tourism, supporting small businesses, and greening city buildings. If elected November 3, Burck said he would remain accessible and carry on this usual routine in Times Square. Though he may seem not seem like a serious choice, Burck cited Arnold Schwarzenegger as having not been elected governor of California for his vast political background, but rather because he “exuded the spirit of the community of which he represents.” Burck has a political science degree from the University of Cincinnati, several self-published motivational books, a country music album, and is an ordained minister, eager to build a Times Square chapel marrying straight and gay couples in an effort to rival Las Vegas’ wedding business.