Memphis Is A Vibrant Broadway Musical Inspired By A True Story Featuring An Enjoyable Score, Written By Joe Dipietro, And Superb Direction By Christopher Ashley, Starring Chad Kimball

A Closer Look at the Broadway Show

Memphis Broadway Show

Inspired by the true story of a 1950s rock 'n' roll deejay, Memphis tells the story of the man who brought black music to white listeners in the segregated South. Broadway regular Chad Kimball finally gets the breakout role he deserves as Huey Calhoun, a guy who is going nowhere until his love of "race music" - combined with his brash style and quick wit - makes him the most popular radio personality in town. Both his big ego and his dogged refusal to acknowledge the barriers of a racist society threaten his relationship with a talented black singer (Montego Glover).

A Wonderful New Broadway Musical

Though David Bryan's score is not as strong as the real rock 'n' roll and blues music of that era, it is enjoyable and includes some standout songs; Joe DiPietro's script, with the exception of a few predictable and cheesy moments, is generally smart, funny, and well-constructed; Christopher Ashley's direction is superb. Overall this is a wonderful new Broadway musical with a good look, a hot band, an engaging story, and a fantastic cast of performers to bring it to life.