Mary Poppins Comes To Broadway Offering A Deeper Exploration Of The Original P.L. Travers Stories And Introduces New Characters And Adventures, Delighting Fans Of The Books

A Closer Look at the Broadway Show

Mary Poppins Broadway Musical

Show Summary: A very unusual nanny (who just so happens to be practically perfect in every way) helps two rambunctious children connect with their distracted and distant parents - and she shows them a bit of magic along the way. Disney's Mary Poppins, now a Broadway musical, is based on the beloved P.L. Travers stories and the classic Disney movie of the same name.

Broadway Review: Fans of the books will be happy to see that this live action Broadway adaptation of Mary Poppins includes characters and adventures that the popular Disney film left out. Fans of the movie, on the other hand, may miss its simplicity (as well as a few of the songs). But everybody is sure to appreciate the wonderful cast and impressive sets. Be aware that there are a few darker moments in the show that might scare smaller children.