Roundabout Theatre Has Postponed Its Broadway Production Of Lips Together, Teeth Apart Following Megan Mullally's Sudden Departure Of The Show, Director Todd Haimes Expressed Challenges

Roundabout Theatre Announces Broadway Delay

Lips together teeth apart on Broadway
Lips together teeth apart

The Roundabout Theatre Company announced today that, due to Megan Mullally's sudden departure yesterday, the upcoming production of Terrence McNally's play Lips Together, Teeth Apart has now been postponed. Said Roundabout artistic director Todd Haimes: “We could not find a way to maintain the production schedule under these circumstances.

We are now exploring options to produce a show for our subscribers as soon as possible.” Theater wags can only speculate on exactly what happened, as rumors have alternately suggested that director Joe Mantello was too demanding and that Megan Mullally was being too difficult (possibly wanting to replace one of her co-stars - most likely Broadway newcomer Patton Oswalt).

Broadway Production Faces Actor Challenges

Although it is difficult to replace an actor two weeks into the rehearsal process, it could have been done as long as Roundabout delayed the production schedule, which is what they stated they would do yesterday after Mullally dropped out. The fact that they changed their tune today most likely means that either Mullally's leaving was just a symptom of bigger problems already happening with the show, or else it probably means that losing such a big star was simply too detrimental to ticket sales. Current ticket holders for Lips Together, Teeth Apart can rest assured that their refunds will be automatically processed, or else they will be contacted by Roundabout.