GenesisRock and roll is about rebellion, anarchy, playing really loud music...and apparently, about putting on a tuxedo and sitting politely in one of New York’s priciest and most famous hotels. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place last night in Manhattan’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, in front of a moneyed crowd, and was carried live on TV's Fuse. The inductees included performers such as Genesis (four of the original members showed up, but Peter Gabriel was nowhere in sight), ABBA (Mama Mia, anyone?), popstars The Hollies, reggae great Jimmy Cliff, and punk rockers the Stooges, along with their fearless leader Iggy Pop. (Would you ever see these people on the same stage at any other time??) Some of the winners performed--members of ABBA (along, for some reason, with country singer Faith Hill), and Jimmy Cliff among them--he sang a rousing version of “Many Rivers to Cross.” Non-performers from the music business were inducted as well: They included mogul David Geffen (can he be described any other way?), as well as songwriters such as Otis Blackwell, Jesse Stone and writing team Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry. Rob Thomas, Chris Isaak, and Ronnie Spector were among those who performed in the tribute to the songwriters, ad Carole King, one of the all-time greats, saluted them as well. And why the art-deco, world-famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel as a venue, instead of some grungy, grass roots, underground hole? Well, given that rock stars are pretty much treated as royalty, why not?